How to Display The Number of Unread Gmail Emails in Your Browser Tab

How to Show the Number of Unread Gmail Emails in Your Browser Tab


If you employ Gmail as your primary email client, flicking back to the Inbox to see whether you’ve received new emails gets tiresome fast. Fortunately, there’s a setting which will display the amount of unread emails in your browser tab.

This option is subtly different from the default number that appears within the Gmail browser tab when you’re within the Inbox.
The "unread emails" number displayed for the Inbox.
This number shows you ways many unread emails you’ve got in your Inbox, but it only shows you that number when you’re actually within the Inbox. If you’re in the other Gmail folder or location, it disappears.
The mssing "unread emails" number when not in the Inbox.
Gmail gives you the choice to enable an unread message icon within the header that works regardless of where you’re within the Gmail website.
The "unread emails" number on the tab icon.
To enable this, click on the setting gear icon found on the proper side of the screen, then select “See All Settings.”
The settings cog and the "See all settngs" option.
Click on the “Advanced” tab.
The "Advanced" tab.
Scroll right down to the “Unread message icon” option, click “Enable,” then select “Save Changes.”
The "Enable" option for the "Unread message icon" setting.
Gmail will refresh, and from now on, the e-mail icon in your Gmail tab will always have the amount of unread messages displayed, regardless of where you’re in Gmail.

To turn this feature off, return to Settings > Advanced and disable the “Unread Message Icon” option.

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